Rain and Diseases

Rain….. Rainy season wow feeling for most of us. You must be thinking why I wrote ” for most of us”. Everybody likes rain. But …. I know someone who doesn’t like rainy season . Can you guess why ? Because of very obvious reason ” mud ” . That is totally a different topic to talk about so I should come to my point why I am writing about rain and why it’s important. One reason I started writing blogs alphabetically and letter R was waiting for it’s turn. So this is the right time to write about ” Rain – Rainy season – Diseases ” and its solution

  1. Very common problem due to temperature change in environment is Respiratory issues Eg. Asthma, cold, cough, sore throat , sinusitis etc.
  • If you are using A.C then make sure it’s temperature remains in between 23-25 . It somehow helps in adopting our body with the temperature outside.
  • If I talk about Homoepathic medicines then people who are very much prone to respiratory problems, must keep at their home few remedies like aconite 30( one dose just at the onset ) , belladonna 30 (sore throat if looks red) , dulcamara 30 ( aggravation of old complaint in rainy season) , natrum sulph 6× ( asthma aggravation in damp condition) , Antim tart 30( feels sputum is not coming out)

2. Diarrhoea or loose motion very common problem due to unhyeginic handling of water or food.

  • Simple measures to recover is boiled water and well cooked food.
  • In terms of Homoeopathic medicine Arsenic Album 30 helps.

3. Fever after getting wet is not avoidable.

  • Hot food and drink brings down the temperature along with ginger intake in any form. If milk suits then turmeric milk is best for at least 3 days.
  • Homoeopathic medicine Rhus tox 30 – 3 times in a day for mild fever otherwise need to consult doctor .

4. Typhoid fever is common .

  • Proper rest, hyegine, diet along with symptomatic medicine. No self medication .

5. Joint pains due to rainy weather is common among old age people but now a days middle aged people also complains.

  • Food has a great role in treatment. Cold food, rice, curd needs to avoid at night .
  • old age symptoms require medicine as per individual’s symptoms .

6. Skin Disease – Fungal infection, insect bite, water filled eruptions due to dirty water are few common problems.

  • keeping skin dry specially skin fold areas can prevent fungal infection but people who are prone to it develops easily on thighs, underarm, on chest.
  • Make sure if a person is diabetic then these infections need extra care.
  • Homoeopathic medicine acid chrysorbinum 30 helps but individuals need specific medicine as per individual’s symptoms.

NOTE : In Homoeopathy, medicine are selected as per individual’s sign and symptoms. The above mentioned medicines act as primary treatment . Online Consultation can be done for proper treatment.