Quit Smoking – ” If You Want You Can “

Why i am writing on this topic is very much clear as Covid -19 has overpowered all illnesses and Smoking habit making it more vulnerable.

As per today’s scenario we are not only protecting ourselves but protecting the whole world by not coming in contact with others by maintaining social distancing.
So why not protecting ourselves first by quitting smoking.

As per research smokers are 14 times more at risk of covid-19 complications.

During this period so many people have already taken step forward towards healthy living then why not joining hands towards this noble cause as well.

My purpose is not reminding only those who are reading this post but my request to all is whosoever is reading this post make at least 5 other people aware about this.

There are so many ways for quit smoking but highly motivational factor is no doubt Covid-19.

But still besides motivational factor we need to put efforts to make it successful.

There are so mamy ways which people can adopt for quit smoking. Few are as follows

  • Psychological couselling
  • Homoeopathic medications
  • Meditation
  • Herbs for detoxification
  • e-cigarette
  • Taking alternative things in terms of foods which makes us feel happy
  • Distancing with smokers

Otherwise everyone knows what are the effects of smoking.

Now it’s individual’s choice which way they want to go.