This time i chose this topic to write about as i feel this topic should be understood by each and every person.

There are so many factors which makes us ill which can be tested in labs or examined by physicians. But there is a group of ailments which start from our mind ( emotions ) and end up on our physical body. I am not saying emotions are not normal. They are absolutely normal. Even reactions to emotions are also normal whether mild or severe. But going beyond normal emotions definitely leads to physiological changes in our body which makes us sick or in general not well feeling.

Few examples are

  • itching is one of the cause of mental disturbance.
  • Sadness or overstress brings energy down and makes person lethargic despite getting enough sleep.
  • Anxiety is one of the major factor of sweaty palm.
  • Overthinking about disturbing things, disturbs our gastric juices and leads to gastric issues.
  • Headache, migrain have so many factors but emotional factor is one of them.
  • Disturbed mind brings immunity down and thereby easily catch infections.
  • Thyroid hormone disturbance due to stress.
  • Impotency is most commonly due to stress either acute or chronic stress.
  • Asthma or breathing problems have so many factors but emotional factor is one of the major one.
  • Heart problems no doubt aggravates due to emotional factors.
  • Disturbance in menstruation cycle as emotional factors disturbs our hormones as well.
  • Emotional suppression is also one of the factor for alopecia areata
  • etc.

Now the question is how to overcome that.

Everyone has self healing power . Either healing of mind or body.
So before getting major sign and symptoms we should talk to ourselves thats a basic thing about meditation.

Still we are not getting reply then share with someone. At least don’t suppress.

But if you are suffering then no doubt you need medicine for sure. And if i talk about Homoepathic medicines, then this particular cause has significant role in treatment. And after sign and symptoms subsides, we can again build up our body by mastering our mind through meditation.