Today, I am writing on this topic because I think most of us know that we have to do meditation for our well being but after searching and trying for some time, we quit it because we have not learned it properly or we have not understood or we couldn’t get results out of it. So the answer is we generally get confused which method to follow. If we follow something then feels another one is more suitable and lending into 2 boats leads to nowhere. If someone starts following something and do it for sometime and doesn’t get result out of it then also he or she quits it without enquiring whats the meaning of result out of meditation.

What do we mean with meditation?

It’s “dhyan” in hindi. Which means concentration. We need concentration in each and every work we do. If we don’t concentrate, we dissipate our energy and finally day ends. But if we concentrate in any work we really gets good results. But that concentration towards work needs some exercise and that is meditation. This is a very practical definition of meditation. I would say meditation actually helps in our daily works either mental or physical.

Who needs to do meditation?

Generally people take good care of self when they feel they are sick or going to sick. It means prevention is better than cure. So answer is very clear, once a child start recognising what’s good and what’s bad, that time is best to teach them meditation. Each and every person needs meditation, the only difference is the way of meditation that differs person to person.

What is the benefit of meditation?

– As I said earlier the most important thing that is conservation of energy, can be achieved only through meditation.
– Conservation of energy helps to run our body and mind smoothly without much tiredness.
– Short term memory loss eg. We forget where we kept something. This is a sure shot sign of lack of concentration, lack of meditation.
– It’s like lock and key. After practicing for a while, we start getting solutions of our problems.
– Mental calmness can only be achieved by meditation.
– We get to know the reality of life. What is the purpose of our existence. Why God sent us here.
– How we can improve ourselves, how we can change ourselves for betterment.
These are only few points, otherwise meditation has endless benefits.

How to do meditation

This is the question where most of the people get confused. There are no of ways to concentrate, but I would write the way which I think is suitable.
We can concentrate by listening the words or phrase or prayer to God. Or looking something and chanting that gives power eg “OM” . We generally get distractions while doing this. So the solution is counting. Means counting the same phrase 50 times or 100 times or 108 times.
Some people do this by closing the eyes and concentrate.
Both ways are good.

Last but not the least is what is the good time to meditate. No doubt early morning time is the best time during sunrise but everybody has different schedule. So one can decide for herself or himself.

I would be grateful if anyone wants to add in this and wants to share their experiences.