Lifestyle Disorders

All of us are very much much aware about Lifestyle Disorders

But take it very lightly. As i have started writing blogs

alphabetically , i found letter L is very much appropriate for

writing about Lifestyle disorders. So that it will act as a

reminder for all of us to take care of. MOre or less everybody

has notification tone in their mobile phones regarding whatsapp,

facebook, twitter, etc but we forget to notify ourselves about

good lifestyle unless and untill we get some trouble in our life

  • physical, emotional or spiritual. This is not exactally notes on lifestyle disorders but very

specifically i am going to write what are we facing today and

what exactally we can do to improve ourselves.

Firstly what are commonly known disorders which we can name as

lifestyle disorders and whats causing them —-

  1. Obesity- Unhealthy eating habits, stressful lifestyle,

reduced physical activity etc helps in making people obese. BMI

more than 25 is obese. No doubt obesity is causing breathing

problem, heart problems, Diabetes etc.

  1. Type 2 Diabetes- As i mentioned earlier obesity is causing

Diabete, unhealthy eating habits are the main cause of this. Now

children are also under this category. The people who says its

genetic thats why we have also this problem than they must

change their eating habits and manage with diet so that they can

change their genetic tendency to get trapped.

  1. Heart Problems- All are linked with one onather- obesity,

diabetes, heart problem , high cholesterol, smoking etc.

evrything what we eat or have goes to our circulatory system.

Our heart can’t bear all these bad stuff after a limit and show

it outside in terms of high b.p, heart attack, blockage etc. Its

a bad news for us as youngsters even children are getting heart

attacks now a days.

  1. Ear Problems- headphones the major culprit, leads to ear

infection, and no doubt accidents.

  1. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease- Smoking which people

think is a way of escaping stress is no way an escape but

inviting diseases. Its very easy to quit if we want to quit. But

at least come forward to take this decision. then only i can

help. or someone else can .

  1. Cirrhosis- This has become a common lifestyle disease as many

people consume alcohol on a daily basis to deal with stress.

  1. Nephritis- not very common but can be due to unhyeginic

eating habits.

  • As per WHO (World Health Organisation ), definition of Health

is ” a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-

being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. ”

So what we named earlier were only physical disorders. mental

and social well being is still missing. So many people students

or working are suffering from mental stress. At one point of

time it leads to physical problems mentioned earlier but what is

the main reason of stress . they are not able to judge or they

are not able to manage it. Why we are not able to manage it bz

we search their solution outside and get trapped . Instead of

that Meditation, Thinking about whats good whats bad is the only

solution. Self realisation is the key of all problems.

Meditation with good thoughts is easy thing to do but

consistency is must.
If someone is not able to judge how to meditate , than i am

going to write in next blog as next letter of blog would be “M”.