Joint Pain and Scope of Homoeopathy

Joint pain is a common term in each and every family.

Whether its a single joint problem or multiple joint problem, it leads to low quality of life as it causes discomfort or pain while performing our daily activities.

Joint pain can arise from any part of the joint which is inflammed including cartilage, bone, ligament, tendon or muscle. In simple language inflammation is a localised physical condition due to injury or infection or immune reaction which leads to redness, swelling, pain. But in joints presenting complaint can be pain without visible redness and swelling.

Easy way of escaping from joint pain is therefore antiinflammatory tablets. But this can be beneficial in acute (recent ) conditions only as in chronic conditions which are present since a long time, these medicines will start showing side effects.

So my purpose of writing about Scope of Homoeopathy in joint disorder or joint pain is to make people aware.

How Homoeopathy works in Joint Pain-

  1. Homoeopathic medicines recovers the inflammation (caused by injury ) which is causing pain.
  2. In long term wear and tear of the protective tissue at the end of the bones (cartilage ) causes pain in joints. (Osteoarthritis ) This healing can be done with homoeopathic medicines to some extent, thereby improves the quality of life of patient.
  3. In autoimmune conditions, when body’s own cells react against normal cells, also causes inflammation in joints. In these cases homoeopathic medicines hit over the immune system of the body so that it can reverse the process and indirectly joint pain reduces.
  4. As overwork leads to tiredness, over exersion also leads to joint pain. This condition is reversible with homoeopathic medicines.
  5. Over burden to joints due to weight gain can be a cause of joint pain. Here along with weight loss, metabolism can be improved with Homoeopathic medicnes to speed up the process of weight loss.
  6. When there are pathological changes or deformities in joints, then we can 1st stabilise and therefore slow down the process of disease. This will definitely improve quality of life of patient.
  7. If someone is taking nutritional supplements for calcium or vit-D but still not improving, then there is malabsorption means body is not absorbing nutrients properly. Here homoeopathic medicines helps in absorption.
  8. In some cases there is extra growth of bones , which causes pain. In that case we can’t make the original size of bone but we can stop the process of growth and thereby pain.
  9. Most common complaint that is Backache can be reversible or irreversible . It is decided as per condition of patient.
  10. There are certain norms , how we select homoeopathic medicines as there are number of medicines for joint pain. – Constituitional Medicines are very effective as they are based on person as a whole. Every individual is different, their nature is different and accordingly homoeopathic physician selects the medicine. – Simultaneously there are specific medicines which are given according to patient’s nature of pain ( how it increases, decreases, etc )