Immunity- How to improve with Homoeopathy ,Diet and Meditation.

What is immunity? Its the ability of an organism to resist a

particular infection or toxin by the action of specific

antibodies or sensitized white blood cells.

In layman language, low immunity is the main cause of major

illnesses from kids to adults to aged persons. But sign and

symptoms vary from person to person as no two person is same.

Ideally speaking no one is perfect. Majority of people lack one

or other minerals in body. But it doesn’t mean that we don’t try

to reach near perfect. Thats what health means. Its a complete

wellness from head to toe/ from soul to body.

Generally we think that we are lethargic or diseased bz we are

lacking in our diet but thats not true. There is one more aspect

of immunity . Thats called mental health which is directly

linked to immunity.

So my main purpose is to share my experience about immunity in

terms of Homoeopathy, Diet and Meditation. Thats what i am going to

write now.


Some people say we eat well, do daily workout, etc but we still

feel low or in cases of kids, mothers usually complain that my

kid eats well but frequently gets ill and thereby not able to

concentrate on studies.
So one of the cause is malassimilation. It is purely a

homoeopathic case where we give medicine according to the

personality of the individual. Or you can say Constituitional

medicine. Minimum duration in which we can see result in long

standing cases is 1-3 months.

In other sense Homoeopathic medicines build up the resistance

power of body to fight against disease. Thats the main principle

of Homoeopathy.

Besides that there are some common medicines which are

available to boost up the immune system eg. alfa alfa tonic.



This is a common thing which parents or grandparents used to

teach children what they should eat and whats not. Thats why i

am going to be specific about food which are already in our

Diet. I am not repeating the things which are given in other

sources. I am writing as per my experiences and results till


  • Tulsi- Daily tulsi leave’s infused water or tulsi drops which

comes in market.

  • Water- Water intake should be 2-3 L or more in summer. It is

the natural detoxifier. But if someone has problem in taking

too much water, kindly consult first.

  • Fruits- Daily intake of fruits (Seasonal ) completes our

mineral requirements. Minerals helps in boosting our immunity.
Specifically citrus fruits helps in building immunity.

  • Green Tea- it helps in clearing toxins from our body thereby

making space for healthy cells in our body.

  • Ginger- there are many ways to take ginger , while cooking

vegetables, paste in honey, boiling in water and then consuming

its extract, or taking raw. But some people can’t take in

summers as it has warm nature. In recurrent cold, cough its a

very good immunity booster.

  • Zinc can fight bacteria, viruses and parasites common colds

and respiratory tract infections. Wholegrain cereals like

bajraa, jowar, wheat bran; wheatgerm, peanuts, most lentils,

pumpkin, watermelon seeds, spinach, etc are good sources

  • Spinach – It is rich in numerous antioxidants and beta

carotene, which may increase the infection-fighting ability of

our immune systems.

  • Curd- It helps in proper digestion thereby improves immunity.
  • Almond- It has healthy fat and vitamin E which improves


  • Turmeric – Daily intake of turmeric in any form helps in

healing fast.



Everybody must have noticed that when we are happy , we feel

energetic and when we are tensed or stressed, we feel lethargic

or weak.
Stress can affect levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are

chemicals in the brain that play an essential part in regulating

mood and energy. Disbalance of these chemicals makes us sad and

less energetic and thereby alters our daily activities and make

us ill.

  • Meditation is the natural way of remaining away from stress

and making ourselves Healthy. Meditation has various meaning.

But what i understand and wants to makes other understand is ,

its the way of self realisation, making our life worth, making

emotionally strong, not only making individual healthy but

making the whole community/ family healthy etc.

  • The Important question is How to meditate. I have experienced

ways of meditation by lots of organisations and thereby i have

concluded that no two people can practice one method of

meditation. If i feel i can get good result by meditating with

open eyes and thinking about my goals in life and God, at the

same time other person will get result by closing eyes and

chanting mantras. That means each individual feels differently

with different methods.

  • So i would suggest don’t roam here and there for meditation.

Just sit , read ways of meditation , realise which one is good

for you Or visit some place where you can find peace to


  • So please everyone recharge urself with meditation as its a

way of concentrating our energy.