Gut, the Gateway of our System

Some people eat to live. Some live to eat. And then go back to saying eat to live.

Everyone knows what’s good and what’s not for our system but there are specific things in diet to manage so many diseases. Otherwise medicine takes over the system.

GUT, our digestive tract is very helpful in managing our whole body system. But we don’t take care of it unless and until we feel some problem.

Everyone read in early classes what’s balanced diet but due to our day today life we are not fulfilling it properly.

It’s a vast topic what to eat and what not to eat in health and disease. So I must say we can start from drinking water which is best cleanser for our system. And later on we can talk about food in detail.

Disease wise diet charts are common . But beyond that there are individualistic diet charts as some people are allergic to few things and some people are not aware of their body type. For them, after specific questions only we can make proper diet charts.

So start eating healthy food as health is wealth.