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    Quit Smoking – ” If You Want You Can “

    Why i am writing on this topic is very much clear as Covid -19 has overpowered all illnesses and Smoking habit making it more vulnerable. As per today’s scenario...

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    This time i chose this topic to write about as i feel this topic should be understood by each and every person. There are so many factors which makes...

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  • 26

    Om – The Supreme Power

    ” Om ” what does it mean and how beneficial it is. I am writing this blog as per my experience. If anyone wants to correct me, they are...

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  • 03

    Nutrition and Hairfall

    Hairfall is a very common problem these days but due to busy work schedule people generally try to search easy ways to solve this problem. Few end up with...

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    Today, I am writing on this topic because I think most of us know that we have to do meditation for our well being but after searching and trying...

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  • 30

    Lifestyle Disorders

    All of us are very much much aware about Lifestyle Disorders But take it very lightly. As i have started writing blogs alphabetically , i found letter L is...

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  • 27

    Kids and Homoeopathy

    Kids are the pure souls, beautiful creature by God. All of us take care of them in terms of food, hygiene, health, growth, good behaviour etc. As they are...

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  • 05

    Joint Pain and Scope of Homoeopathy

    Joint pain is a common term in each and every family. Whether its a single joint problem or multiple joint problem, it leads to low quality of life as...

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  • 06

    Immunity- How to improve with Homoeopathy ,Diet and Meditation.

    What is immunity? Its the ability of an organism to resist a particular infection or toxin by the action of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells. In layman...

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  • 10

    Homoeopathy- its Evolution

    On World Homoeopathy Day, we are not only celebrating Dr.Samuel Hahnemann’s birthday but we are trying to make people aware about Homoeopathy. According to the World Heath Organization (WHO),...

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