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We read so many things about healthy life, disease free life, dietary habits, beauty tips etc but we forget that everybody is unique. No two individuals are same. Our DNAs are different. Thats why we need individualistic treatment and advise from experts. Or we can say we should catch our ray of light from millions of rays.

“My Aim is to Give That Ray of Light to You.”

About Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a medical science introduced by a German scientist Dr Samuel Hahnemann, MD, in 1794 and it has been in practice all over Europe, the US, Australia, most parts of Asia, middle and far East, and India. It is the most practiced Alternative System of Medicine in the world today.


Mental Health Counselling

Until and unless we keep our mind free, we can’t perform our duties in a right way. We all know that thought is the basic thing, after this our action take place. But our thoughts are wandering here and there. From a child to an adult, everybody needs to be healthy from mind

ABOUT Suryodaya Clinic

Suryodaya clinic started by Late Dr. Raj Singh Dahiya in late 70’s in sonipat and in Delhi. Now it is run by Dr. Shruti Dahiya (D/o Late Raj Singh Dahiya). She has done BHMS (from Dr. B. R. SUR HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL COLLEGE AND HOSPITAL).

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